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Quantum Computing Provides a New Way of Optimizing Business Processes

(TechnologyReview) Quantum computing provides a new way of optimizing business processes with use cases spanning finance, logistics, telecommunications, and transport operations.
In the business world, the opportunities for applying quantum technology relate to optimization: solving difficult business problems, reconfiguring complex processes, and understanding correlations between seemingly disparate data sets. The main purpose of quantum computing is to carry out computationally costly operations in a very short period of time, while at the same time accelerating business performance.
Reply has proven with four international studies that a quantum approach can give better results than existing optimization techniques.
Reply has been involved in developing proof of concepts and projects that apply quantum algorithms to real use cases in many business areas, providing customers with concrete and effective answers to their problems.
In 2018, Reply obtained a research grant to use the Universities Space Research Association’s D-Wave quantum annealer, which is part of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Research Programme that include participants like NASA and Google. And recently, Reply published a study in the Springer Quantum Machine Intelligence peer reviewed journal on how a quantum annealer can accurately solve complex optimization problems.

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