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Quantum Computing One of Top Tech Trends in 2021 According to Alibaba

(Mashable) Alibaba’s DAMO Academy – the group’s global research initiative – has compiled a list of the top 10 trends that they think will shape the landscape of the world’s tech industry in 2021.
Quantum Computing is one of the top 10 tech trends for 2021 according to Alibaba.
2021 will see increased interest in making quantum computers more error-free, efficient, and practical. The eventual goal is to have quantum computing become a mainstream tech that can help solve humanity’s problems at incredible speeds.
For example, quantum computers could potentially help scientists discover new ways to treat previously incurable diseases, or help vehicle manufacturers develop electric batteries that run for weeks or months on end.
Already, investors are moving in large numbers towards the field of quantum computing, and there are hopes that further advancements will come from experts from around the world working together to “pave the way for quantum error correction and practical utility”, essentially making quantum computing more efficient and feasible for future mainstream use cases.

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