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Quantum Computing No Longer Just a Dream

(EETimes) Google’s study is an experiment in theoretical computer science in which Google scientists demonstrated the ability of a quantum processor to solve a calculation that a traditional computer would take thousands of years to perform. To date, no one has managed to maintain quantum coherence for so long.
Physicists and engineers have long been studying how to manage the qubit. Efficient thermal management systems are needed to exploit its characteristics and therefore maintain quantum coherence. Moreover, they must be isolated in certain laboratory conditions; otherwise, they collapse. So far, superconductors have been used, metals capable of working at temperatures well below zero. Both IBM and Google work on Josephson junctions composed of two strips of superconductors separated by an insulator. There are other techniques, such as the topological quantum computing that Microsoft is betting on.
This is a step closer to a complete optimization of quantum computers to solve more sophisticated tasks. Physicists think that this will be essential to make large-scale quantum computers work. Google is working toward this, seeking to make further improvements to further demonstrate quantum super charity, even in a forthcoming commercial market.

Google Publishes ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Results in NATURE Journal

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