Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Computing the Next Arms Race

(MeriTalk) The United States has formally joined the quantum computing race–hoping to keep pace with China in developing the technology that could revolutionize everything about the way computing is done and quickly make current approaches obsolete. The U.S. is looking to either stay a step ahead, keep pace, or catch up to China, depending on who you listen to. China has already gone all in on quantum computing, having launched a quantum satellite in 2016 and a year later began construction on a $10 billion quantum applications research center.
Many are calling quantum computing the next real space/arms race. A lot of attention has been focused on artificial intelligence, many technologists say that is it quantum computing–which could supercharge AI–that is the real game-changer. Quantum computing also promises to remake cybersecurity, with the ability to create (or break) traditional cryptography, while accelerating research into any number of sciences. Considering its potential impact, who gets there first will likely make a big difference.

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