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Quantum computing jobs to apply for in December 2021

(AnalyticsInsight) Analytics Insight has provided a “Top 10” list of quantum computing jobs to apply for December 2021. IQT-News provides the title and the company referenced.

Quantum Computing Measurement Engineer: Intel
Intel is looking for a PhD level engineer to characterize quantum devices at low temperature, as well as perform simple computations of quantum circuits in dilution refrigerators.

Quantum Device Engineer: Microsoft
The research effort includes a staff of theoretical and experimental teams around the world, who have been designing and optimizing all aspects of the quantum computer, from topological qubit designs, to cryogenic control and readout circuitry, to runtime software and quantum language compilers.

FLARE Research Associate in Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication: JPMorgan Chase’s Future Lab for Applied Research and Engineering (FLARE)
The firm is seeking a passionate technologist to contribute to applied research and development of novel solutions in these fields. As a member of the FLARE R&D team; professionals will work closely with internal project teams, other researchers and external communities alike to advance these research focus areas in a way that is beneficial to the technical teams in the company and contribute to the firm’s intellectual property by patent applications and scholarly articles.

Quantum Computing Software Engineer: MathWorks
You will be part of a team building solutions to enable MATLAB users to exploit the power of quantum computers in their technical computing work. Your major responsibility will be to develop quantum computing tools for MATLAB to support engineers, scientists and researchers.

IT Support Engineer – Center for Quantum Computing: Amazon Dev Centre
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing jobs in Pasadena, CA, is seeking an onsite IT Support Engineer to support the day-to-day operations of a growing research and development effort to empower a team of scientists, engineers and staff to develop future quantum technologies and build products for our customers. In this role, you will interact with teams across and outside the organization to ensure high availability and best-in-class IT solutions for on-premise and AWS infrastructure at a new facility.

Quantum Computing Researcher: PayPal
The candidate will join the emerging technology research team which is part of PayPal’s technology and information security oversight organization. Working closely with the head of research and other team members, the candidate will conduct applied research to assess the possibilities of leveraging quantum computing to improve processes as well as quantum-proof PayPal’s security. The researcher can expect to: – Engage with senior research lead and stakeholders to craft an quantum computing research projects that are meaningful for PayPal and the wider ecosystem.

Scientific Writer (Quantum Computing and Control): QCTRL
The scientific writer will be responsible for documenting engaging and inventive ways to use Q-CTRL’s quantum control software to solve important quantum control problems facing quantum computers. You will create and review clear and accessible documentation for our products. You will identify customers’ needs and challenges, conceptualize and produce demonstrations. You will edit, clarify, and proofread documents written by others and coach non-writers on ways to improve their technical writing skills.

Quantum Computing Scientist: BASF Corporation
BASF is seeking a professional like you to serve as quantum computing jobs scientist in Iselin, NJ. Successfully engaging within and outside the organization, you will establish and coordinate collaborations with industrial and academic partners in the field of next generation computing, specifically in the area of quantum computing. Contributing strong domain expertise in chemistry, quantum chemistry or quantum computing jobs, you will make internal and external multi-disciplinary collaborations a success.

Quantum Computing Scientist: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Brookhaven has an opening for a 2-year Term Scientist at a level commensurate the candidate’s technical seniority to perform original research in quantum computing and quantum information science. The successful candidate is expected to work closely with quantum computing jobs researchers at BNL and in the larger community on exciting scientific projects of interest to DOE and other Federal Agencies.

Research Scientist, Quantum Computing – New College Grad: NVIDIA
NVIDIA Research is seeking leading researchers in the area of Quantum computing jobs with strong track record of research excellence, software systems building experience and interest in advancing the state-of-the-art in applications of GPUs to the quantum computing ecosystem. Specific areas of research interest include but are not limited to quantum circuit simulation, tensor network methods, applications of machine learning to quantum circuit simulation, quantum algorithms and programming systems and hybrid classical/quantum computations.

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