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Quantum Computing Inc. Releases Version 1.1 of Mukai Middleware

By IQT News posted 06 May 2020

(InsideHPC) Quantum Computing Inc has released version 1.1 of its Mukai middleware with new capabilities delivering higher performance and greater ease of use for subject-matter experts developing quantum-ready applications needing superior performance today.
The new capabilities in the Mukai 1.1 release include a) delivering a greater diversity of more-optimal results in less time for larger, more memory-intense problems; b) better ease of use by automating some of the process for solving optimization problems, such as finding good values for the weights between different factors (i.e., Lagrange multipliers), and c) improved manageability and robustness for production use, including performance instrumentation and improved error-handling and -reporting. The performance improvements have been measured for both graph partitioning and for optimization problems from industry sources. These new capabilities are all available immediately in the QCI cloud-delivered Mukai service.
The QCI Qbsolv QUBO solver allows the users to balance the quality of the solution against the time to deliver results. The user can choose to get a good answer quickly, an excellent answer in more time, and/or a diverse set of good answers”, stated Mike Booth, Quantum Computer Inc. CTO. “Mukai has demonstrated superior performance today for some applications, executing on classical computers for early clients, for problems such as portfolio optimization and HPC application optimization via better graph partitioning”, he added.

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