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Quantum Computing Inc. Releases Its First Quantum Ready Software Product QAA – The Quantum Asset Allocator to Optimize Portfolio Returns

(QuantumComputingInc.) Quantum Computing Inc., an advanced technology company developing quantum ready applications for quantum computers, announced that the Company has released its first “Quantum Ready” software application – The Quantum Asset Allocator (QAA). The target market for QAA is financial institutions who are currently addressing asset allocation problems but are looking for better tools with which to optimize portfolio performance. QAA is available both as a cloud based software service and as an on premises software + hardware system. Both implementations are designed to quickly return optimal or near-optimal interactive solutions and analyses of financial asset allocation problems.
“QCI develops and sells quantum-ready software solutions for clients who have problems that can be solved using quantum techniques to provide superior results on classical computers today. Our software is designed to also run on quantum computers when they deliver performance faster than classical computers,” stated Steve Reinhardt, VP of Product Development at QCI. “This is the launch of our first of a series of products that will leverage quantum techniques to provide differentiated performance on both classical computers and on a variety of early-stage quantum computers such as DWave and other annealers, which are on the market today. Our applications are designed to be deployed on a client’s infrastructure on premises or in the AWS cloud”, he added. Mark Wainger, Director of Application Development stated, “Asset allocation is well known for being a complex calculation, with several types of constraints making it an NP-hard problem. QCI’s Quantum Asset Allocator has been tested and proven to provide superior results for portfolio management and we are excited to be working with our first clients.”

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