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Quantum Computing Inc. introduces Quantum Consulting

(HPCWire) Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) has announced its consulting practice, QCI Qonsulting, and Path2Quantum (P2Q), a four-phase framework that organizations can use to explore, measure, and strategically plan their quantum computing adoption. The company also announced its first Qonsulting customer, employee staffing company Quad M Solutions, Inc. (Quad M) (OTC: MMMM). QCI will deliver quantum-ready solutions to Quad M for optimization of its health insurance underwriting services.
QCI Qonsulting engagements leverage proven expertise in vendor-neutral quantum software and algorithms, as well as the company’s ready-to-run quantum software, Qatalyst. QCI believes that Qonsulting will empower organizations to chart a comprehensive strategic path to quantum, while dramatically de-risking time and investment in early quantum exploration.
QCI’s Qonsulting and Qatalyst offer a simpler, more efficient choice by providing organizations with a straightforward path to explore a wide array of quantum options across diverse QPUs with no need for expensive quantum development. They benefit from a comprehensive and accelerated quantum exploration with a much lower associated investment and risk.
“While some vendors are focused on selling expensive QPU access or complex quantum programming, we’re offering the framework, expertise, and ready-to-run software needed to make quantum accessible and available to today’s subject matter experts, enabling them to freely explore its potential value,” said Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “Qonsulting leverages our team’s diverse expertise in quantum systems and software to overcome business challenges. We look forward to working with a wide range of organizations to explore their best path to quantum, free of vendor lock-in and expensive software investment.”
“Consulting firms are already exploring the best path to business value using our Qatalyst technology and software in sectors such as wind energy, banking, healthcare, and oil and gas. Based on those successes, we know Qonsulting addresses a much-needed challenge in the marketplace,” added Liscouski.

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