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Quantum Computing Inc Debuts QGraph Platform

(DatabaseTrends&Applications) Quantum Computing Inc, is introducing QGraph, which analyzes graphs (i.e., collections of vertices and edges) with QCI’s cloud-based Qatalyst ready-to-run quantum software.
QGraph together with Qatalyst enables users and analysts to solve the most computationally expensive graph problems—the kind that can benefit the most from quantum computing, that are essential for understanding high-dimensional data in fast moving contexts, and that to date have been prohibitively expensive to compute in practice—quickly and cost-effectively on both classical (CPU) and quantum (QPU) computers.
As part of Qatalyst, QGraph performs the most challenging graph kernels via the powerful Q API, transforms input graphs into constrained optimization problems, and then delivers them to the Qatalyst Core computational engine for CPU and/or QPU processing. The process employs quantum-ready techniques that fuel increases in accuracy and deliver a diversity of valuable results.
Graphs offer a powerful way to analyze heterogeneous data that has many dimensions, is unstructured and has sparse values across all variables. Graphs are also often used to model networks, such as social, metabolic, gene and transportation, as well as molecular structures.

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