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Is Quantum Computing a Cure for All Business Computing Challenges?

(TechRepublic) Quantum computing shows promise for specific industries. Author James Sanders argues that business applications that rely on classical concepts are a poor fit for quantum systems.
He references Hewlett Packard Enterprise as viewing quantum computing in this light. Though HPE is not building quantum computers, the company is not betting against the technology. “If you’re trying to find the ground state of a molecule that you think might be a great drug, then a quantum computer would be your go-to machine to do that,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise senior fellow Ray Beausoleil told TechRepublic. “I’m a big booster of quantum computing. I think the applications are going to be incredibly interesting and important. I just don’t think that the enterprise is going to be one of those places where those applications are found, unless you’re a pharmaceutical or materials company.”

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