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Quantum Computing Champion Professor Huntington Honored with Major Fellowship by Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

( Professor Elanor Huntington, an Australian National University (ANU) quantum physicist and cybernetics expert who is changing the way we think about engineering has been recognised as one of 25 Australian “trailblazers” in the field.
Professor Elanor Huntington has been elected as a 2020 Fellow to the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). She joins some of the country’s leading innovators in engineering and technology.
Professor Huntington’s Fellowship recognises her “historic breakthroughs in quantum computing”, including proving certain light beams can be destroyed, teleported and then perfectly reassembled at another location.
The technique can be applied to build the most powerful computers ever created.
“Professor Huntington also has a radical vision of how engineering and computer science must change to meet the needs of the future and is working to bring it about,” her citation reads.
“She is a passionate advocate for equality, and for integrating insights from the humanities into STEM fields to ensure they change society for the better.
“A leading thinker in the field of quantum cybernetics, she has been appointed to many national boards and agencies.”

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