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Quantum Computing Challenges and Opportunities in the Enterprise

By IQT News posted 19 Oct 2020

(SearchCIO.Tech.Target) Quantum computing is making a significant impact in the enterprise and it’s crucial that IT leaders stay on top of the trends. Here we look at key quantum computing challenges as well as the opportunities that lie ahead.
1) Quantum’s impact on security
Quantum computing is a threat to current cryptographic algorithms, which are no match for quantum superpowers. That is why the transition to quantum-safe algorithms needs to happen now.
2) What is the business value?
Quantum computing may still be in its infancy with many unsolved problems, but it is a field that will revolutionize industries like finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive and AI in the next several years. Organizations have to keep up to ensure they gain the competitive edge.
3) Current state of quantum computing
There are initiatives making use of quantum technology in its current state. In 2020, IBM and Daimler used a quantum computer to model the dipole moment of three lithium-containing molecules, bringing us one step closer to next-generation lithium sulfur batteries. IBM also worked with JPMorgan on quantum use cases in finance including research on applying quantum computing to option pricing.
But quantum technology isn’t just limited to computing.
“It’s important to note that there are many technologies on the market today that use quantum phenomena, including mobile phones,” said Deborah Golden, Deloitte’s U.S. cyber and strategic risk leader. “While current quantum use cases are limited, they’re growing,” she said. Such use cases include quantum communications, which offer significant protection against eavesdroppi
4) Preparing for a quantum future
Understanding the challenges of quantum computing is just one part of the equation, as quantum is an area that’s radically different from what companies are used to.

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