Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Computing Brings Potential & Risk to the Enterprise

(InformationManagement) Quantum computing is among three technologies-the other two being artificial intelligence and mixed reality-that will soon disrupt the status quo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. These will impact not just work, but everything including communities, economies and how we live. This is only the beginning, and with companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM already pushing the boundaries, it is likely it will become a common enterprise technology in the near future.
A CISO, or chief information security officer, is the senior-level executive within an organization who is and who will be responsible for establishing a maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy and program to ensure that information assets and technologies are adequately protected.
The increase in computational complexity enabled by quantum computing should have positive impacts on the world in areas like chemical modeling and supply chain optimization. On the negative side, quantum computing may very well break all of the public key encryption that holds the internet together. This could have devastating effects on global security and stability, as it risks fundamentally undermining trust in the global and open internet and everything sent across it.

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