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Quantum Computing, Biotech & Climate Change Among Threats of Most Concern

(TheBulletin) The US Government Accountability Office released a December report detailing the “long-range emerging threats” of greatest concern to the Defense Department, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. “Long-range,” here, means “may occur in approximately 5 or more years” or “in a future unknown time frame,” which sounds like it means anytime starting tomorrow. Quantum computing, biotech and climate change are the areas of most concern.
Quantum computing may allow adversaries to decrypt information, which could enable them to target U.S. personnel and military operations. Concern was expressed about China’s advances and ambitions in quantum computing. The United States may face difficulties protecting networks and data as [the internet of things] grows and traditional approaches for security (e.g., encryption) may no longer effectively protect information.
A PDF copy of the report can be accessed by clicking here.

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