Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Algorithms for Scientific Applications

(EastAsia) Algorithms performed on quantum computers could greatly improve the accuracy of photochemical simulations. The ability to design new materials for solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and power devices depend on photochemical simulations.
The use of quantum algorithms will be able to explore new materials to be used in light-emitting devices such as organic LEDs for display devices and light energy harvesting such as organic photovoltaics, or to design new photo stabilizing molecules for many applications, ranging from coatings protective for sun protection.
QC Ware is a software company that is working in this direction to make quantum computing easily accessible and offer performance accelerations on hardware. The new approach could push critical commercial applications in chemistry, energy, and electronics. Its high level of competence in quantum algorithms for chemical simulations is exploited to develop classical-quantum hybrid algorithms. QC Ware is working to achieve this goal with one of the most active teams in the world of quantum algorithm scientists of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory-led research consortium.

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