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QuantLR One of Five Startups Picked by Israeli Defense Giant to Develop Future Tech

(News.Yahoo) QuantLR is one of the five startups that Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has chosen to work with its engineers and experts to create products with the company.
The QuantLR website explains that is main focus is making the worldwide deployment of Quantum Key Distribution a reality. Their approach is to maintain the ultimately secure level of security , but to provide use solutions at a much lower cost.
QuantLR information explains it approached this problem bottom up. Unlike our competition we do not use specially designed expensive hardware components. Instead the company is using off-the-shelf existing components used for fiber communications today to achieve major cost saving by lowering the hardware bill-of-material cost of QKD enabled products.”
The five startups selected by IAI are are QuantLR, Aigent-Tech, DST, Scopoli, and FVMat. Their work will focus on sensors for tracking people and objects, AI, monitoring systems, and landing gear, among other technologies.

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