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Quantinuum’s Hazra: Quantum needs more ‘quality over quantity, credibility over hype’

More quantum computing companies are in the midst of shifting from focusing only on innovation to leveraging their innovations into becoming the foundation for strong businesses. This has driven an increasing number of firms to appoint new leaders, specifically executives that understand how to keep evolving technologies on the track to maturity, while also putting them on the path to economic viability.

One of the most recent appointments in this vein occurred in February, when Rajeeb “Raj” Hazra became CEO of Quantinuum after a long career in the semiconductor industry–25 years at Intel, followed by a couple more years at Micron Technology. IQT Pro spoke with Hazra recently about what he brings to the table for Quantinuum, and what his priorities are for the company. Access IQT Pro to read more.

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