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Qrypt Offers Quantum Security Solutions for Enterprises Through the Cloud

By IQT News posted 03 Nov 2021

(HPC.Wire) Qrypt, a producer of cryptographic security solutions enabled by quantum entropy, announced today the launch of two new solutions: the Cloud Enterprise Portal, and Digital Quantum Key Distribution (Digital QKD). This expands on Qrypt’s Entropy as a Service (EaaS) portfolio which provides high-quality quantum random numbers and the tools to ensure Everlasting Security. Enterprises can now integrate quantum encryption into their software services with tools that are fast, easy to use, highly scalable, and don’t require expensive infrastructure.
“Our Digital QKD and Cloud Enterprise Portal solutions are a big step toward the founding goal of Qrypt which is to help organizations protect their data and their consumers’ privacy,” said Kevin Chalker, Qrypt’s CEO, and founder. “As current data encryption practices are quickly becoming obsolete, the first businesses to integrate quantum encryption will find themselves at a competitive security advantage compared to their rivals.”
Qrypt’s Digital QKD enables quantum-secure encryption keys to be generated and distributed to any connected endpoint or device– providing businesses quantum-secure encryption even on the public internet. Through creating an authenticated network of QRNGs in the cloud, quantum secure encryption is made massively scalable and easier for businesses to deploy. It avoids the costly infrastructure requirements and limitations of on-premise QKD appliances, and instead shifts key creation to the cloud on the Qrypt Cloud Enterprise Portal.
The Cloud Enterprise Portal allows enterprises to employ quantum-secure random numbers into any in-house cryptographic key generation with improved speed and bandwidth. Whether leveraging classical or PQC, companies will be able to implement Qrypt’s technology to deploy vastly larger key sizes – up to full one-time pad systems – for their business applications. Additionally, this offering includes a full suite of enterprise features, like multi-tenancy, access control capabilities, and new security options.
“These solutions will empower DevOps and SecOps teams at any enterprise, including financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and government agencies with the essential tools to protect themselves from the security threats of the quantum age,” said Denis Mandich, Qrypt CTO, and co-founder. “Qrypt’s digital QRNG technology is incredibly sophisticated due to years of intensive research and close partnerships with leading laboratories for quantum entropy sources.”
Unlike some competing solutions, Qrypt’s QRNG technology is powered by true random from measuring quantum effects. Thanks to exclusive partnerships with national and international labs including Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Los Alamos, and EPFL for quantum entropy sources, Qrypt is the first EaaS provider to leverage multiple quantum sources. This allows Qrypt to deliver the highest quality of randomness for its security solutions – ensuring quantum-secure encryption for businesses.

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