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Qrypt Announces “Unbreakable Encryption” Available Via the Cloud and APIs

(TechRepublic) New cryptography company Qrypt announced a web portal that provides access to a quantum cryptography API. This will allow most businesses to integrate the highest level of security into their applications, according to the company.
Qrypt uses quantum technology to make one-time pad encryption easier to implement by providing random, one-time-use digital keys via quantum entropy. The company’s Cloud Entropy Portal provides quantum-safe random numbers for any application, especially cryptographic key generation. In addition to the portal, Qrypt is developing additional quantum data-at-rest and data-in-motion SDKs.
Former CIA agent, Kevin Chalker, founded the company. He and Denis Mandich, the company’s chief technology officer and another former CIA agent, worked with Yevgeniy Dodis, chief cryptographer and head of the cryptography group at New York University, to develop the technology. Chalker and Mandich wanted to replicate the secure communication channels they used during covert operations.

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