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QpiAI & IISc Launch Joint Certification of AI & Quantum Computing

(BusinessWireIndia) QpiAI and IISc launched Joint certification of AI and Quantum Computing to upskill enterprises, schools and colleges across Asia and Europe. Certification courses are starting from May 1st 2021. Details of the certification program can be found at
Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja, CEO and Founder of Qpi Technology holdings which is the parent company of QpiAI, QpiCloud and SuperQ suggested-
“QpiAI is an AI modelling and Quantum Computing company. We have deployed our flagship platform QpiAI-Pro in large enterprises. QpiAI-Pro, QpiAI-Enterprise and QpiAI-Quantum are the most advanced AI and Quantum modelling platforms in the world, with Quantum inspired compute and Quantum compute backend for generating high performance models. When working with large enterprises across Asia and Europe and talking to universities across the world, we found out that there is a huge need to upskill the workforce and the students to operate these advanced technologies. We have now launched QpiAI-Explorer to bridge this gap. QpiAI-Explorer is an entry level AI modelling and Quantum Computing platform that can run on a laptop without the use of expensive cloud resources. QpiAI along with IISc intends to offer 3 certifications currently: AI-level 1, AI-level 2 and a joint AI & Quantum Computing Certifications to help train the workforce in large enterprises, schools and colleges. This would accelerate adoption and aid in democratization of AI and Quantum Computing technologies”.

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