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QLM Raises £3.1m (€3.6m) for Lidar Camera Using Quantum Photon Sensor that Detects Methane

(EENewsEurope) QLM, a quantum-enabled gas sensor startup in the UK, has raised £3.1m (€3.6m) in a seed investment.
QLM has developed a lidar camera using quantum photon sensor that can detect methane, a key greenhouse gas, at a considerable distance. This allows plants and factories to me more easily monitored, as well as monitoring from a UAV drone in the air.
The investment is led by the Green Angel Syndicate and includes the Enterprise100 syndicate, the Newable Venture Fund, the Development Bank of Wales, the Bristol Private Equity Club, the Britbots Seed Fund, and Houston-based oilfield technology solutions provider ChampionX.
The funding will drive the expansion of QLM’s technical and commercial capability, secure industrial validation of the quantum TDLidar technique and provide a roadmap to commercial readiness of the quantum gas camera, particularly for monitoring methane, a significant greenhouse gas.

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