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QKD Versus PQC – Which One To Use?

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(IQT) There are two camps in quantum cryptography. The first is the hardware-based approach; Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) which uses fundamental quantum mechanics principles to facilitate secure communication without interception. The second is a software approach Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). PQC is based upon new algorithms that, unlike RSA, are not based upon factoring a large semi-prime numbers. In the future, large primes will be breakable by high performance quantum computers. As we have indicated in our reports “Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Markets: 2019-2028” and “Post-Quantum Cryptography: A Ten-Year Market and Technology Forecast”
It is Inside Quantum Technology’s belief that both technologies will co-exist because there are widely different use cases where quantum resistant cryptography technology will be needed. QKD and PQC often different features. We have created — a comparison chart as shown here contrasts the two technologies.
NOTE: The Inside Quantum Technology newsletter also frequently includes summaries of articles discussing QKD and PQC.

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