Inside Quantum Technology

QKD: The “Black Swan” of Data Security

(CISO.mag) The biggest leaders in the computer industry such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel are racing to be the first to launch a viable quantum computer that would be exponentially more powerful than today’s computers, to process all the data we generate, every single day, and solve increasingly complex problems.
Quantum Computers also bring along negative aspects. Quantum computers will be able to crack most of today’s encryption that uses “trapdoor” mathematical functions that work easily in one direction but not in the other. That makes encrypting data easy, but decoding it is difficult without the help of a special key.
Quantum safe technology needs to be adopted.
Here are some potential applications of Quantum nature of secret keys to address some of the important problems of the industry:
–Quantum safe authentication.
–Secure ‘Data in Transit’ between Enterprise Server and Data Centres.
–Securing ‘Data at Rest’ at the Private Cloud or Public Clouds – Enterprises can generate and use their own unconditionally secure keys to encrypt their data in the cloud ensuring full control of their data.
–Secure ATMs.
Security against anti-skimming.
–Securing online banking.
–Securing against Cardholder Not Present (CNP) fraud.

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