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QKD Becoming a Commercial Choice for Organizations

(EnterpriseTimes) Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)is among the solutions available today against the threat of stable and accessible quantum computing. The advantage of QKD is that it makes everything tamperproof. Any attempt to listen in or interfere causes a change in the quantum state. The problem is that such technologies only work on point to point networks and have a distance limitation. Additionally, organizations who had the technology in the past have rejected it due to complexity and cost.
But that is changing and QKD is becoming a commercial choice for organizations. This podcast with John Prisco, CEO and Founder of Quantum Xchange is a review of what Quantum Xchange has done to solve the distance and usability issues. The company is already sending Quantum Keys over 1,000 miles and could go even further. More importantly, the technology can be added to any existing IT environment without having to retrain staff.

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