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QED-C Goes Public with the Quantum Marketplace

(InsideNova) The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), managed by SRI International, has launched a publicly available Quantum Marketplace that highlights providers of quantum technology and services and connects them with customers and partners. The Marketplace aims to help those with quantum-related technology needs to find suppliers, customers and partners. Since launching early this year for QED-C members, the marketplace has already made connections across the quantum industry.
A first of its kind, the Quantum Marketplace showcases QED-C member companies that offer quantum-related products and services. Companies who present their offerings in a webinar can use their recorded webinar videos as commercials to bolster their company profile.

Director, Celia Merzbacher, Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), Executive Has Agreed to speak Nov on “National Quantum Development Groups” at Inside Quantum Technology New York Fall

“Presenting at the Quantum Marketplace provided exposure to new customers that did not know about our capabilities. This has led to sales of a large system, a joint white paper and the beginnings of a strategic partnership with a large company.” said Scott Davis, CEO of Vescent Photonics and chair of the QED-C Enabling Technologies technical advisory committee, which came up with the idea for the Marketplace. “The Quantum Marketplace not only provides a platform to advertise our products, it also informs us about market pull and business growth opportunities. Stated simply, it is informing our roadmap and helping our company grow.”
“The Quantum Marketplace is helping raise awareness of the diverse companies—especially the small- to mid-size businesses that don’t have huge marketing budgets—that are developing solutions for the rapidly evolving quantum industry,” added Celia Merzbacher, Executive Director of the QED-C. “This is just one example of what QED-C offers its members as part of its mission ‘to enable and grow the quantum industry and supply chain’.”

The Quantum Marketplace website is available at

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