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QCI Applies Quantum Software Across Six Business Segments

(GlobeNewswire) Quantum Computing Inc. has announced advancements with major firms in building industry-specific quantum applications. The joint efforts are being driven by QCI’s QikStart™ Program, the company’s initiative to foster and develop practical applications of its Qatalyst™ quantum application accelerator. Since the launch of QikStart earlier this year, the company has garnered interest and participation from businesses seeking to adopt quantum computing techniques for solving mission-critical problems, today and in the future.

Use cases are currently being defined in the following areas:
–A leading data analytics firm on addressing current and future cyber security risks using quantum technologies, specifically detecting fraudulent activity on credit cards as well as security risks for illicit activity and physical access to secure sites.
–A global oil company is focused on logistics for oil supply chain optimization as well as pipeline cyber security in the wake of the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyber-attack.
–A large global manufacturer is exploring quantum opportunities in intelligent routing and distribution optimization for vehicles, devices, and products, as well as automation robotics for logistical order fulfillment optimization.
–A prominent accounting, auditing, and data analytics provider is looking into building a quantum computing initiative to assess risk and optimize complex business critical computations.
–An innovative pharmaceutical company is optimizing drug trials, diagnostics, and treatment options by leveraging quantum computing for community detection and drug discovery.

The QikStart Program is focused on defining, testing, and delivering real-world solutions to current problems using Qatalyst’s quantum software that supports both classical and quantum processing. Solutions are focused on accelerating and improving accuracy for today’s problems using classical and quantum processors. As more advanced quantum systems become available, these applications will seamlessly evolve with no additional programming or low-level coding needed.

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