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QC Ware Wins BPIFrance Concours d’Innovation i-Nov Award to Accelerate Quantum Machine Learning in France

(PRNewswire) QC Ware France, a wholly owned subsidiary of the quantum computing-as-a-service company QC Ware, today announced that it has been selected as one of the thirty-two winners of the BPIFrance Concours d’Innovation i-Nov award. This grant program is highly competitive and hosted by BPIFrance, the esteemed French public investment bank.
The grant supports innovative projects carried out by startups and SMEs and provides funding to companies developing technology that have high potential to impact the French economy and beyond. QC Ware won its award within the program’s “deep tech” category for research that will push the envelope on Quantum Machine Learning, one of the most promising applications of quantum computing. QC Ware is the only quantum computing company to have received this award.
“QC Ware is experiencing dynamic growth across several industries, proving that there is a practical path for quantum computing applied to solving complex enterprise challenges worldwide. BPIFrance recognizes the tremendous potential of quantum computing,” said Matt Johnson, QC Ware CEO. “By granting QC Ware the Concour d’Innovation i-Nov award BPIFrance acknowledges that QC Ware will strategically help enterprises in the future. We are honored to receive such a prestigious award.”

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