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QC Ware Launches Public Beta of Forge Cloud Service

(PRNewswire) QC Ware, a quantum computing-as-a-service company, today launched the public beta of its Forge cloud service. QC Ware developed Forge to enable large enterprises and public-sector organizations to start building quantum skills and prepare for the potential disruption that quantum computing will bring to the market.
Forge allows enterprise users with no presumed quantum computing expertise to run problems on a wide range of quantum computing hardware platforms and simulators. Forge users can access end-to-end implementations of proprietary and open-source algorithms for binary optimization, chemistry simulation, and machine learning.
Forge provides two key features that distinguish it from current market offerings:
1) It enables users to call high-level algorithms on top of what quantum computing hardware vendors offer in their software development kits
2) It integrates a wide variety of quantum computing hardware chips and software simulators. Users can easily target these backends to run their problems

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