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QC Ware appoints Christoph Siegert as Head of Product to scale Quantum-as-a-Service platform

By IQT News posted 28 Feb 2022

(PRNewswire) QC Ware has announced the appointment of Christoph Siegert as the company’s new Head of Product to lead the company’s software strategy and development globally. Former head of Microsoft Azure’s worldwide cloud region expansion, Siegert will lead QC Ware’s ambitious product development roadmap during a period of rapid growth for the company and the quantum computing industry
“We are excited to have Christoph join our team during this pivotal time of growth for the company and the quantum computing industry,” said Matt Johnson, QC Ware CEO. “With diverse experience in developing and scaling products across emerging technologies, cloud, and quantum computing, we are certain that his track record of generating growth and customer adoption will cement QC Ware’s position as the category leader.”
Siegert specializes in leading product teams to achieve rapid growth and product-market fit for cloud and emerging technologies. Before joining QC Ware, he was Senior Director at Microsoft, where he led Azure Engineering’s worldwide expansion in new cloud regions. During his seven years at Microsoft, he oversaw Azure’s growth from 10 to 35+ countries and 80x revenue growth in these regions. The rapid expansion to new markets led to substantial leadership over AWS (cloud regions in 24 countries) and GCP (26 countries).
Before joining Microsoft, Siegert led tech investment strategies, operations, and partnership assessments as Principal at Keystone Strategy, a prominent Management Consultancy for tech companies. Prior to that, Siegert worked at multiple technology companies and was in the German Air Force in the late ’90s. He holds a quantum physics Ph.D. from Cambridge University and an MBA from INSEAD.
“QC Ware’s mission to ensure companies are prepared for the coming quantum computing disruption is truly inspiring,” said Siegert. “I’m thrilled to join QC Ware’s world-class team of quantum computing experts and to partner with QC Ware’s growing list of customers to help shape the future of quantum computing at such a decisive time.”
Siegert joins QC Ware at a time of rapid growth for the company and industry. IDC predicts that customer spending for quantum computing will grow from $412 million in 2020 to $8.6 billion in 2027. With a team of some of the industry’s top quantum computing experts, QC Ware focuses on creating practical applications for near-term quantum computing hardware. The company has signed more than 45 commercial contracts with over 25 enterprises, many with the world’s largest companies including AIRBUS, BMW Group, Goldman Sachs, Total, and more. QC Ware has formally partnered with several hardware companies in the quantum computing space like Amazon Braket, D-Wave Systems, IBM, IonQ, Rigetti, and others.

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