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QBlox Roadmap Leader Quantum Networks, Fokko de Vries, will speak at IQT the Hague in 2024

Fokko de Vries, the Roadmap Leader of Quantum Networks at QBlox, will speak at the IQT the Hague Conference in the Netherlands in 2024.

Fokko de Vries, the Roadmap Leader of Quantum Networks at QBlox, will speak at the IQT the Hague Conference in the Netherlands in 2024.

An influential figure in the realm of quantum technology, Fokko de Vries, a roadmap leader at Qblox, is set to speak at IQT’s The Hague conference in 2024. De Vries plays a crucial role in the strategic team at Qblox, where he is involved in product planning and management, focusing on the company’s vision and direction in the rapidly evolving quantum technology landscape.

As a roadmap leader, de Vries is responsible for business development and actively engages with the scientific community, bridging the gap between commercial applications and academic research. His expertise in quantum networking is particularly noteworthy, evidenced by his leadership in developing the Qblox quantum control stacks within the European Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA). This role underscores his deep understanding of the needs and challenges in the field of quantum networking and his ability to drive innovation in this area.

De Vries’ work at Qblox is at the forefront of quantum technology, contributing to developing state-of-the-art quantum control systems essential for advancing quantum computing and networking. His involvement in the Quantum Internet Alliance highlights his commitment to collaborative efforts to push the boundaries of what is currently achievable in quantum communications and networking.

At the IQT conference, attendees can expect de Vries to shed light on the latest developments in quantum network technology and the strategic planning that goes into bringing these innovations to market. His presentation will likely cover the intricacies of developing quantum control systems and the importance of industry-academia collaboration in advancing the field of quantum technology.

Fokko de Vries’ unique combination of strategic business acumen and technical expertise in quantum networking makes him an invaluable contributor to the quantum technology community. His insights at the conference will be particularly beneficial for those looking to understand quantum technology deployment’s commercial and practical aspects. De Vries represents the dynamic and multidisciplinary nature of the quantum technology industry, and his session is anticipated to be a highlight for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are eager to grasp the future trajectory of quantum networking.

IQT The Hague 2024 is the Netherlands’ fifth global conference and exhibition. The Hague is a Quantum Technology Event focusing on Quantum Networking and Quantum Security. Ten vertical topics encompassing more than 40 panel talks from over 100 speakers will provide attendees with a deep understanding of state-of-the-art developments of the future quantum internet and the current impact of quantum-safe technologies on cybersecurity and quantum computers.

The conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers, and investors working on current developments. IQT The Hague is organized by 3DR Holdings, IQT Research, QuTech, QIA (Quantum Internet Alliance), and Quantum Delta, who will bring leading organizations and professionals together in this important event. The April conference is “in-person” to ensure maximum networking and discussion at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre The Hague.

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