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Qblox Awarded €4.8Mn in Funding from European Innovation Council.

(Qblox) Qblox has been awarded €4.8Mn in funding from the European Innovation Council.
In August 2020, Qblox applied for funding from European Commission Accelerator program. A total of 4,223 startups requested over €15Bn from the #EICaccelerator. Qblox was amongst the 1% successful deeptech startups (just 38 companies) which received funding.
Qblox overcomes the challenges facing quantum computing: (1) improving the quality of qubits and operations, (2) scaling up the number of qubits, (3) harnessing algorithms with quantum error correction and error mitigation strategies. Qblox overcomes the three challenges by building stacks that combine unleveled noise performance, a low-latency arbitrary control flow and can be scaled up to 100s of qubits.

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