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Q-munity Building the Future; Hosting Second Annual QuBesCamp

(Q-munity) Quantum computing is a piece of emerging technology that has eluded many people. From people with PhDs to the modern day teenager,no one truly understands quantum computing
However, quantum has so much to offer. Quantum computing offers unhackable encryption, models the every fold of a protein and design medicine to a molecular level, and therefore unlocks the secrets behind understanding the universe.
But to truly achieve these promises we must also make an effort to teach teens and young adults about this wonderful technology.
That’s what we’re doing at Q-munity. In the summer of 2021, we’re hosting our 2nd year of QuBes Camp.

Anisha Musti, Co-founder and CEO, Q-munity; Has Agreed to Speak On”Building a Quantum-Competent Workforce” at IQT-NYC Online May 19

The QuBes Camp is an approachable, interactive introduction to quantum computing. We will be covering important concepts from the quantum world and teaching real applicable skills. You will learn to play quantum chess and use Qiskit to write your own programs on real quantum computers. Our program is unique in that we assume no prior exposure and cover everything from the ground up. Additionally, each student will leave the course with their own original quantum computing project.
Learners will be put into a completely online interactive classroom in which they can interact with their professor and their fellow peers. The camp is a two-week experience in which students can anticipate to leave learning something new, but also confident in taking their next steps into becoming future quantum computing developers.
The QuBes Camp is taught by two highly experienced instructors from qBraid. Erik Weis is a quantum software engineer at qBraid. He has previously taught math/physics at the high school level. Erik graduated Dartmouth College in 2018, where he majored in physics and did research at the intersection of quantum computing and quantum chemistry. Andrea Coladangelo is currently a postdoc at the Universidad of California, Berkeley and Ph.D. from Caltech, where his thesis was titled Quantum Correlations, Certifying Quantum Devices, and the Quest for Infinite Entanglement. He received his BA and MA in Mathematics from the Universidad of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, respectively.
And the best part is… the price. Instead of paying over $500 for a 2 week course, you will only have to pay $200. And we have FULL financial aid scholarships to anybody who needs it. Last year, we granted over $1.5k in scholarships.
Don’t wait; spots are going quickly. Join us this summer from July 5th-16th to learn all about quantum computing and join the quantum revolution.

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