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Q-CTRL’s Black Opal the first gamified coding platform for quantum computers

(HPCWire) Just released by the quantum firm Q-CTRL, Black Opal is the first gamified coding platform for quantum computers, which allows:

Quantum computers leverage the behaviors of tiny particles in quantum mechanics to increase computational power far beyond the reach of today’s fastest computers. Tech giants such as IBM, Google and Honeywell as well as hundreds of other companies are developing systems, but there is a shortage of ‘quantum aware’ workers to reach the technology’s full potential. Black Opal was designed to introduce newcomers to the field to help fill this urgent need to expand the quantum workforce.

A one-year subscription to Black Opal is being discounted over 70% from $180 to $50 through December 31, which includes an additional four free months of beta access. Additional details on Black Opal can be found here.

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