Inside Quantum Technology

Prototype Optical Quantum Processor Approach Offers Extreme Scalability

( An international team of scientists from Australia, Japan and the United States has produced a prototype optical quantum processor, based on a design 10 years in the making. They contend that quantum computers promise “fast solutions to hard problems,” but they will need a large number of quantum components, which must be relatively error free in operation.
Lead researcher Dr Nicolas Menicucci is a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow and Chief Investigator at the RMIT node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology (CQC2T). “While today’s quantum processors are impressive, it isn’t clear if the current designs can be scaled up to extremely large sizes,” Menicucci said.
“Our approach starts with extreme scalability – built in from the very beginning – because the processor, called a ‘cluster state’, is made out of light.”

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