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Proactive Steps Needed to Secure Against Quantum Tech in Face of Predicted Digital Cold War

By IQT News posted 02 May 2019

(CSO) The first nation state to develop technologies such as AI, 5G, robotics and quantum computing will gain unparalleled economic, social and military advantage over rivals. This author warns that organizations that use or develop next generation technologies will need to take proactive steps to secure IP or take legal steps to mitigate the impact of espionage.
Organizations involved in the development of technologies such as quantum computing will become highly enticing targets for nation state-backed espionage. Information security professionals are facing increasingly complex threats—some new, others familiar but evolving. Their primary challenge remains unchanged; to help their organizations navigate mazes of uncertainty where, at any moment, they could turn a corner and encounter information security threats that inflict severe business impact.
In the face of mounting global threats, organization must make methodical and extensive commitments to ensure that practical plans are in place to adapt to major changes in the near future. Employees at all levels of the organization will need to be involved, from board members to managers in non-technical roles.

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