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Prisco Predicts Market Maturity for Quantum-Based Technologies in 2025

( When can investors and companies developing quantum-based technologies expect an inflection point that will catapult the sector into the mainstream? There isn’t likely to be a moment for quantum akin to Y2K, say, where technology and business aligned so perfectly toward a potentially catastrophic challenge. That said, there are indications of what will spur broader market adoption of quantum technologies. And they’re approaching more quickly than many may realize.
Based on investments I’m seeing at the federal level and at companies like IBM, which predicts 2023 will be its year for a quantum breakthrough based on its product road map, I believe we could see market maturity by 2025.
Already, we’re seeing dramatic growth in the sector.
As major market leaders like Google, IBM and Honeywell join federal government programs like the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy (DOE) in announcing significant investments and developments in the space, we could see a concurrent rise in board-level interest.
What will be the cataclysmic moment that will mark the arrival of quantum technologies?
Clearly, no one wants to wait for a quantum attack. With the technologies and technologists available today, companies most at risk of a quantum crypto assault can take steps that will mitigate their go-forward risk.
• Improve quantum literacy. Take inventory of your data, its shelf life and what kind of personally identifiable information (PII) it includes that you would need to protect.
• Create a crypto-agile environment. Explore different technologies so that you can secure a data path that will be the most strategic to your business.
• Hire today for tomorrow’s need. I’ve found that security technology professionals are already among the hardest IT jobs to fill. With quantum, the hiring pool is even smaller.
But be warned: This transition to replace cryptography and your security infrastructure may be one of the most difficult in modern history.
John Prisco is Security CEO and Founder of Safe Quantum Inc., working with data-driven companies to define, develop and deploy quantum-safe technologies. He is also a Council Member of the Forbes Technology Council

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