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President of Israel’s Technion Visiting Australia to Expand Collaborations and Acknowledge Contributions to Quantum Education Programs

(JWire) The President of Israel’s Technion, Professor Uri Sivan, is visiting Australia for the first time to expand existing research collaborations as well as identify future research opportunities between Australia and Israel. Additional objective for his visit is to acknowledge a very generous USD$3 million donation from business leader and philanthropists Mr Robert and Mrs Ruth Magid for the Technion’s Quantum Education Program for engineers and scientists.
The program will enable the Technion to educate and train undergraduate students providing them with the skills and know-how required for emerging quantum industries. This is a revolutionary approach as traditionally, high-level quantum science education has been confined to physics and chemistry departments.
Executive Director of Technion Australia, Mr Ori Danieli, said, “We are delighted to welcome Professor Sivan to Australia, and are honoured to have him meet with long-term Technion supporters, the Magids.
“Their donation will play a pivotal role in advancing quantum education programs on the world stage and positioning Israel at the forefront of quantum research. We are thrilled that this support has stemmed from Australia.”

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