Inside Quantum Technology

Post-Quantum Digital Signatures

(PrivateInternetAccess) The NIST is evaluating candidates for a new standard Digital Signature Algorithm. (DSA) The core component of a secure digital signature lies in the hash function. Quantum computers will be better than classical computers at attacking current digital signature systems like (HMAC, and ECDSA) in particular using Grover’s Algorithm. and Shor’s Algorithm respectively.
This has prompted the international response to find alternative hash functions and digital signature schemes that will protect computers well into the quantum computing age. The entries for post-quantum Digital Signature Algorithms are discussed in-depth in this article, and include:
–Fast-Fourier Lattice-based Compact-Signatures Over NTRU (FALCON)
–Great Multivariate Short Signature (GeMSS)
–Lifted Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar (LUOV)
–Multivariate Quadratic Digital Signature Scheme (MQDSS)

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