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Portugal Joins EU’s Quantum Communication Infrastructure Initiative

(Lexology) Portugal has joined EU’s Quantum Communication Infrastructure initiative (“EuroQCI”). The initiative trusts on developing a network over the next ten years for sensitive information to be shared. As with anything that may be ill-used, quantum computing poses a serious cyberthreat. EuroQCI will use quantum technologies to ensure the secure transfer and storage of sensitive information. As computer parts are now as small as the size of an atom and current computing is reaching its physical limits, the EuroQCI aims at making quantum computing and cryptography a part of conventional communication networks, which is in line with Portugal’s strategy to strengthen the country’s digital ecosystem.
Objective number one of Portugal’s National Cybersecurity Strategy is to ensure national digital resilience by leveraging inclusion and cooperation in order to bolster the security of cyberspace in view of threats which may jeopardize or cause disruption of networks and information systems essential to society. Currently, the EU’s Study on the System Architecture of a Quantum Communication Infrastructure (within the EuroQCI initiative) is open for contributions on the future of quantum network infrastructures. The consultation is open until 10 June 2020.

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