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POLARISqb Raises More Than $2 M In Seed Round

(WRAL.TechWire) POLARISqb has raised more than $2 million in a seed round led by investors who poured in capital via OurCrowd and were joined by Infinity Medical.
Co-founded in 2020 by CEO Shahar Keinan and CTO Bill Shipman, POLARISqb said in a statement that the funding will be allocated to grow the company’s employee base, scale its platform, and develop assets faster.
Keinan and Shipman developed what they say is the world’s first drug discovery software specifically built for quantum computers.
“POLARISqb is using the most advanced technology to create drugs to fight diseases that have plagued humans for millennia, Keinan says. “We are uniting the three sciences: Physics (Quantum Computing), Biology (Genetics) and Chemistry (Molecular drugs), to create our designs, build a unique IP portfolio and change the way new drugs are developed.”

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