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POLARIS Quantum Biotech Selected One of Eight “Innovative Startups” by PM 360

(PolarisNews) POLARIS Quantum Biotech was the sole quantum application selected to be one of the PM 360 magazine’s “2020 Innovative Startups”. PM 360 is one of the leading magazines in the pharmaceutical marketing world. POLARISqb was selected along with Evozyne, Steady Shot, ImmunAI, Exocel, wePool, Conversation Health and Theraneutrics.

NOTE: Shahar Keinan, CEO, Polaris Quantum Biotech; Has Agreed to speak on “Quantum Computing and the Design of New Drugs and Materials” at IQT Online May 20.

These companies are working with some of the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and synthetic biotech to address medical issues from diabetes to COVID-19, but POLARISqb stands alone as the sole quantum application selected to the list. Having developed a quantum application for designing drugs, continue to pursue a vastly greater understanding of our chemical universe, identifying molecules that will become treatments and cures for all diseases for all people. Advancements in quantum computers technology continue to speed their work towards a quantum-based platform that provides chemical simulations at many times the speed of current traditional systems.

POLARISqb responded, “We are proud to be recognized for our work and innovation in drug discovery for biopharma applications by one of the leading publications on pharmaceutical marketing, a list that has in the past included companies such as H1 who went on to raise over $71M in capital funding and OM1 who raised over $86M, and Sema4 which raised over $240M. POLARISqb looks to be the next in their line of success, and the first quantum alumni of the list to revolutionize the world of biotech and pharmaceuticals.”

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