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PNNL & Microsoft Quantum Partner to Link Quantum Circuits to DOE Supercomputer

(EurekaAlert) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) computer scientists and the Microsoft Quantum team connected a PNNL-developed quantum circuit density-matrix simulator (DM-SIM) running on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) supercomputer with the Microsoft Q# quantum programming ecosystem.
This “bridging” capability is a stepping-stone that allows computer program developers to create and test algorithms to run quantum computers, even when the quantum computers themselves are still prototypes.
Krishnamoorthy and PNNL computer scientist Ang Li unveiled DM-Sim, “We are building toward a robust development pipeline connecting our novel DM-Sim quantum circuit simulator to DOE computing resources,” said Krishnamoorthy. “This demonstration shows that we can successfully run a complete simulation that combines an independently built quantum simulation tool with Microsoft’s open-source programming ecosystem.”
In this case, the API created at Microsoft connects PNNL’s quantum computing simulation code to Microsoft Quantum’s Q# programming language and its “quantum intermediate representation” (QIR) via a PNNL-developed “wrapper.” The wrapper, together with QIR and the bridge API, allows Q# to run on the considerable computing muscle available at the Summit supercomputer located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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