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PLOS ONE Offers Open-Source Quantum Computation and Simulation Site

( The first papers of the PLOS ONE collection on Open Quantum Computation and Simulation to the public are now online. The adoption of the open-source philosophy for code development dovetails with the scientific method. Sharing code ensures reproducibility and also lowers the barrier to enter a field. This is why PLOS has launched this collection on Open Quantum Computation and Simulation. There has been a marked increase in available and open software in the field and PLOS wants to showcase some great examples.
Quantum information and technologies have experienced an enormous boost in the last couple of years moving from a purely academic environment to new realms in advanced research centers, startups and corporate companies. This transition requires new methodologies and approaches to fruitfully achieve the challenging goals set out by this research program.
PLOS One hopes that this collection will prove useful in promoting open source software in the physical sciences in general, and in quantum computing and simulation in particular.

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