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Paul Crane, Converged Network Research Director, BT; Will Keynote at ‘Quantum Communications’ Day Oct 29 at IQT Europe.

(IQT.Europe) Paul Crane, Converged Network Research Director, BT; will keynote October 29, 2020 during Quantum Communications Day at IQT Europe.
Paul Crane leads a team of researchers who are defining technologies to deliver BT’s fixed, mobile and convergence strategies.  BT’s wireless and mobile research is focused on exploiting LTE, Wi-Fi and helping the industry move to a full 5G future. We are exploring wireless and optical technologies which could provide a step change in capacity and economic coverage. The way we build networks is fundamentally changing. BT’s research is focussed on the application of the latest computer science technologies to networks; virtualisation, programmability, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


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12:30 CET
(7:30 A.M. EDT)
Chairperson opens conference

Speaker: Christopher Bishop – Chairperson, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers

12:35 CET
(7:35 A.M. EDT)
Review of the day ahead

Speaker: Lawrence Gasman – Inside Quantum Technology, President

12:40 CET
(7:40 A.M. EDT)
Message from our sponsor
12:45 CET
(7:45 A.M. EDT)
Keynote: Sponsor

Speaker 1: Taro Shimada — Corporate Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Corporation

Speaker 2: Paul Crane — Converged Network Research Director, BT

13:15 CET
(8:15 A.M. EDT)
Evolution of the Quantum Internet

Moderator: Christopher Bishop

Speaker 1: Mathias Van Den Bossche — Director, Telecommunication and Navigation Systems R&D, Thales Alenia Space

Speaker 2: Saikat Guha — Director, NSF Center for Quantum Networks Associate Professor of Optical Sciences, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona

Speaker 3: Prineha Narang — CTO, Aliro Quantum, Evolution of the Quantum Internet

14:00 CET
(9:00 A.M. EDT)
Markets for QKD systems

Moderator: Lawrence Gasman

Speaker 1: Andrew Shields — Head of Quantum Technology at Toshiba Europe

Speaker 2: Axel Foery — Executive VP Quantum-Safe Security, ID Quantique

14:40 CET
(9:40 A.M. EDT)
Break – Visit the Network Lounge
15:00 CET
(10:00 A.M. EDT)

Speaker: Stephanie Wehner — Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor at Delft University of Technology and Roadmap Leader of the Quantum Internet and Networked Computing initiative at QuTech

15:30 CET
(10:30 A.M. EDT)
Message from our sponsor
15:35 CET
(10:35 A.M. EDT)
Applications and use cases for quantum communications

Moderator: Jesse Robbers

Speaker 1: Andrew Thain — Quantum Communications Point of Contact, Airbus

Speaker 2: Valerio Pruneri — ICREA Industrial Professor, Corning Inc. chair and Group Leader at ICFO, ICFO

16:05 CET
(11:05 A.M. EDT)
Quantum-safe solutions

Moderator: Jesse Robbers

Speaker 1: Bruno Huttner — Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, ID Quantique

Speaker 2: Jaya Baloo — Chief Information Security Officer, Avast Software s.r.o.

Speaker 3: Michele Mosca — Founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing, Professor in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo

16:35 CET
(11:35 A.M. EDT)
Accelerating quantum technologies for communication and sensing

Speaker: David Awschalom — Director, Chicago Quantum Exchange

17:05 CET
(12:05 P.M. EDT)
End of day – Chairperson closes

Speaker: Christopher Bishop – Chairperson, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers

17:30 CET
(12:30 P.M. EDT)
Networking Lounge Closes


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