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Pakistan Urged to Focus on Developing Emerging Technologies Such as Quantum Computing to Combat Cyber Warfare

(URDepoint) Pakistan’s former President National Defence University Lieutenant General (R) Amir Riaz Thursday said recently that Pakistan should focus on developing quantum computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, robotics, and other latest technologies to combat cyber warfare.
The former Lieutenant General spoke to the session of Global Strategic Threat and Response (GSTAR) international seminar organized by Centre for Aerospace and Strategic Studies (CASS) and expressed his view on the contours of hybrid warfare in the changing nature of future warfare.
He said in the present world a single cyber attack on critical facility of a state would create a huge impact. The truth less environment and rapidly increasing false narrative was more dangerous than Corona Virus in hybrid warfare scenario, Lieutenant General (R) Amir Riaz noted. Hybrid Warfare was aimed at affecting people to change behavior of state where the public was the target of the enemy state.
He warned that the biggest future threat to Pakistan was not the weapons of mass destruction rather the cyber attacks to be conducted at the speed of light from far off places.

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