Inside Quantum Technology

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Joins UK Canada Quantum Technology Programme as Industry Lead

( Oxford Instruments is proud to be the industry lead in the UK Canada Quantum Technology Programme, a cross-Atlantic collaboration with partners across UK & Canada focussed on furthering quantum device fabrication readiness. This strengthens Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s position as a provider of targeted solutions for quantum devices with the capability to deliver unique plasma processing technology for research and scaling up to large wafer sizes and higher volumes. The developments within this project will drive the readiness of the materials processing required for the manufacturing of chips for high performance quantum computers and ultra-sensitive quantum enabled magnetic field sensors. These devices could enable future autonomous vehicles and concealed infrastructure imaging etc.
Funded by Innovate UK-Natural Sciences (UKRI) and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the consortium will address the need to produce robust, reliable and scalable quantum circuits with a view of enabling their commercial exploitation and large-scale deployment. In particular, Oxford Instruments will be working on atomic scale processing solutions for thin films of superconducting metals/metal nitrides and defect centres in diamond.

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