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Over 570 Register for Technion’s First Quantum Computing Summer School

(JPost) Over 570 people have registered, and 220 students took part in Israel’s first summer school in practical quantum computing at the Technion which took place earlier this month.
The course presented the foundations of quantum computing theory along with a practical programming course on an IBM quantum mini-computer. Participants did not require an in-depth prior knowledge of programming languages, allowing a wide range of students to explore the subject.
Technion encourages its students to learn quantum computing so that they will be ready to meet the demands of the hi-tech industry of tomorrow. “Quantum computers are expected to revolutionize the world of computing,” said Prof. Netanel Lindner, director of the “Quantum Computing Primer” school at the Technion, in a press release. “In certain tasks, they will most likely account for a significant improvement compared to the computers with which we are currently familiar. Although we can’t predict the scope of its impact, some members of the scientific community believe that the effect of quantum computing on research, industry, and business will be enormous.”

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