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OTI Lumionics Joins Quantum Industry Canada

( OTI Lumionics, developer of advanced materials for consumer electronics, announced that it is a founding member of Quantum Industry Canada, a technology industry association with a mission to ensure that Canadian quantum innovation and talent is translated into Canadian business success and economic prosperity.
OTI joins 24 other founding members, representing Canada’s most commercial-ready quantum technologies covering applications in quantum computing, quantum sensors, communications, quantum-safe cryptography.
“While quantum computing continues to develop, now is the time for IT leaders to start paying attention and invest,” says Michael Helander, co-founder and CEO of OTI Lumionics. “Companies that are making early investments in technology today will very likely be the market leaders when the technology does mature. We have seen this same trend happen before in AI, big data, mobile and internet technologies. As a founding member, we are looking forward to providing Canadian businesses the resources needed to advance their products and position themselves as market leaders.”

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