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Osaka City University Researchers Design Microscope-Based Quantum Thermometer That Can Measure a ‘Fever’ in Nematode Worms

( Scientists at Osaka City University have successfully outfitted an optical microscope with quantum sensors, creating a precise microscope-based thermometer, capable of sensing a “fever” in tiny nematode worms.
The new hybrid technology uses nanodiamonds, which scientists injected into nematode worm specimens. The research team’s novel quantum thermometry algorithm was able to track the movement of the microscope diamonds and measure the quantum spins in fluorescent diamonds, revealing temperature changes inside the worms. “The sensor reads temperature as a frequency shift of the optically detected magnetic resonance,” scientists wrote.
“Our results are an important milestone that will guide the future direction of quantum sensing as it shows how it contributes to biology,” said Fujiwara, a lecturer at Osaka City University.

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