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Optimal Quantum Computation Linked to Gravity

( A new research paper from physicists Paweł Caputa at Kyoto University and Javier Magan at the Instituto Balseiro, Centro Atómico de Bariloche in Argentina suggests that the rules for optimal quantum computation are set by gravity.
The researchers propose a universal description of complexity that depends only on a single quantity (central charge). This leads to the discovery of connections between complexity and concepts in (quantum) gravity which, in turn, leads to interesting implications such as the possibility that gravity governs the rules for optimal quantum computation.
“We showed that there are families of quantum systems where the complexity of certain universal tasks is well estimated using classical gravity (general relativity). Over the years, using holography and Anti-de Sitter/conformal field theories, we have been learning that gravity is intimately related to quantum information. The lesson from our findings is that gravity may also teach us how to perform quantum computation in physical systems in the most efficient way.”

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